Y Glider Kiwi

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There's nothing like the freedom of riding a scooter to promote a child's independence and help them develops a "sense of self". The Y Glider Kiwi combines fun with new industrial design and a unique steering system that helps improve kids motor skills and balance. The three-wheeled design makes balancing easier, allowing your child to focus on gliding around with east at playtime. Y Glider Kiwi is fitted with the latest comforts including smaller handgrips, an extra wide deck for safe side-by-side foot placement and a wide rear foot brake. The lightweight scooter is portable, easy to carry and makes everyday journeys more exciting for kids. It's also a practical, enjoyable way to prepare your child for two-wheel scooters while building confidence and promoting independence.

Weight: 6.2 lb.

Handle Height: 22.6" - 30.5"

Frame: Steel

Ages: 3-8 years

Weight Limit: Up to 110 lbs.


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