Get to Know Simply You Boutique

Hello! My name is Peggy, and I'm the owner of Simply You Boutique....

I’ve been  a farmer/rancher my whole life. I love the animals, the land, and especially being able to raise my family on our family farm where I grew up. 
When I became a grandma, it was one of the best things to ever happen to me. I spent as much time with my grandkids as I could, and my world revolved around my family.
My grandkids and I were together a lot and had so many adventures. Ryan, especially, loved to come over and stay with us, playing at the barn with bucket calves, in the house with his farm toys, or just exploring the farm.  
I’m not sure how to word it, but after Ryan’s accident in Nov of 2017, I fell into a deep depression for several months.  I wasn’t really able to function and pretty much spent my time sleeping and crying. After some time had passed, I got a job at the newspaper, which got me up and going. I was still struggling, but at least getting out and being with people again.
In February of 2019, Dave and I were talking about “life” and he asked if there was something I had always wanted to do. I told him I’d always wanted to have a kids clothing store, among many other things that I wasn’t physically able to do at this point in my life. He encouraged me to go for the store idea. He encouraged me a lot. We started looking for a suitable building in Franklin and weren’t able to come up with one. I was told about a building in Alma, and checked into it, and a couple of others. I loved the first one I looked at - the one I’m in now. We signed the lease and I went to work finding fixtures, etc. I got connected with a couple of vendors, and gradually grew to where I am now. I opened the small side in April of 2019, and when the other side became available in November, I expanded to that side.
I’ve had wonderful support from the Alma community, as well as the lake crowd, and friends from my hometown.
I love cows, cooking and baking, crafts, reading, and junking, as well as spending time with family and watching my grandkids in their activities.