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Looking for a more exciting ride than a regular scooter? Great for tricks and stunts! The Y Fliker C5 is the most advanced scooter in our Carver range, packed with clever add-ons and special FLEX technology that makes it easier than ever to pull off insane stunts  and rolling wheelies.

Just like a downhill skier, simply twist your hips and push down through your legs to reach top speeds of up to 15.53 mph!

The closest thing to skiing on a scooter, the frame responds to simply leaning the handlebars to pull off 360-degree spins and mega drifts.

The three-wheeled design is more stable than a regular scooter, and even folds up for easy transportation.

Revolutionary design; twist-and-stow folding system; industrial casters and reinforced steel tubing; performance rated PU wheels for speed; quick response brake for increased control.

Age: 9+

Max weight load: 220 lbs.

Suggested minimum user height: 52.7"

Handle extension: 40.4" - 40.4"

Scooter weight: 22.7 lbs.

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