Hot Chocolate Mix by Cup of Coa, LLC

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Cup of Coa (kup-uv-ko)

Thirteen point 65 ounce cannister of a custom blend of only the finest cocoas for an exclusive flavor profile that indulges your senses!

Contains: Milk, Soy and Coconut

Sinfully MINT Cocoa by CUPofCOA™

  • 8 servings per container
  • Serving  Size: 4 TBSP

With its frothy head, its creamy base and its pleasing consistency, we are confident that our efforts in creating CUPofCOA™ have resulted in the highest quality of cocoa available on the market.

Our recipes are simple:

  • Mixed water and serve hot or frozen
  • Reduce down on a stove top for a syrup

CUP of COA began with a simple goal: to create an authentic, gourmet cocoa solution that was rich in both taste and versatility. We discovered that most product lines relied heavily upon artificial flavorings, fragrances, and colorants.

From the start, we knew we wanted a cocoa that was genuine in both color and flavor, derived only from the finest cocoas available and not reliant on artificial additives. We spent six months developing our powdered cream base. We refined the recipe’s stabilizer to be strong enough to keep the cocoa suspended: we wanted our drinks to keep a natural consistency as they cooled. We also endeavored to create a base that was creamier than anything mixed with milk, since we knew this was the taste that most customers preferred.

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